St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School Mission Statement


Inspired by the life of St. Vincent de Paul we provide a Catholic education that promotes Gospel values, academic excellence, and a life of Christian charity.

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Nov 30 - Dec 4


School News

Dear Parents and Guardians of our children,

First, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a well deserved rest to thank God for all His blessings as well as the difficult times we are experiencing. EVERYTHING lies in God’s plan, and we trust in Him.

“God bless us all” as we continue to follow the guidelines and realize each day the need to modify our school plans. We will start next week with the following plan:

1 Continue with ONLY virtual classes Monday, November 30th to Wednesday, December 2nd.

2 All PreK students as well as any kinder to 8th grade student who needs to be on campus will resume their regular schedule beginning Thursday, December 3rd.

The following two concerns guide our decision. First, there is no doubt that we need to bring your child/ren to school, because they need face-to-face time. Secondly, how can we be sure the children coming in are not a risk to other students or staff. We know that at this holiday many of you will spend time with your loved ones and we won’t know if there are any potential cases of COVID among the many families that travel. By delaying the face to face time for three days, we hope to have more confidence that if any family has sick children, they will remain at home AND give us those three days to continue communicating with the health department experts.

Please keep yourselves safe at home. Whatever care you take to be safe will impact you, your children, and other children and their families. Please don’t let your guard down. We need to continue distancing, to wear masks, to wash hands frequently, and to watch for symptoms. Expect an invitation from your child’s teacher to let you know who will be welcomed on campus Thursday, December 3rd.

The time to evaluate your child/ren’s progress is here, so more information will be provided as we prepare schedules for MAP student testing.

Please remember that you are always in our prayers. Have a Blessed and safe Thanksgiving day!

Would you like some insights on Holy Scripture? Please visit Vincentian priest Fr. Mike Boyle's website:

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