St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School

Distance Learning Plan Overview 2020

April 2, 2020


Hello Parents,

Below you will find an overview of our continuing Distance Learning Plans for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your child’s teacher through email. Our scheduled Easter Break will be observed from April 10th - April 19th. Distance Learning classes will resume on Monday, April 20th.


All Lessons Will Continue to be Posted on SchoolSpeak and ClassDojo for Pre-school - 4th Grade


• New materials pick-up AND completed school work dropoff packets will happen on Monday, April 6, 2020 between the hours of 7am - 1pm.

• April 6 - 10 is Holy Week . Lessons in Religion will focus on the special events leading up to Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection.

• New packets and instructional videos will begin on ClassDojo on Monday April 20, 2020

• WEEKLY instructional videos may be posted on ClassDojo for Preschool - 4th Grade to assist children with their assignments

• Lesson Plans and expectations will be posted on SchoolSpeak and ClassDojo

• ZOOM will be used by some teachers to hold conferences and class meetings. To participate on ZOOM a permission page must be filled out on SchoolSpeak

• Continue to keep track of your child/ren DAILY physical activity. All P.E. LOGS will be turned in on MAY 15, 2020 for a PE assessment of standards.

• Teachers will continue to be available by email for support Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm



Grades 5th - 8th

• Lessons will continue on GOOGLE classroom

• All parents MUST signup on ClassDojo

• Lesson Plans will continue to be posted on SchoolSpeak

• You do NOT need to come to school on Monday April 6, 2020 unless you are in need of checking out a chromebook or have a Finance Confirmation packet to drop off

• Teachers will continue to be available by email for support Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm

• Continue to keep track of your child/ren DAILY physical activity. All P.E. LOGS will be turned in on MAY 15, 2020 for a PE assessment of standards.


Grades 6th - 8th Distance Learning Plan

New Policy Updates as of 3/27/20

• Class Dojo

◦ Each student is provided with an individual account to keep track of positives

◦ Every 4 positives a student earns (for actions like Zoom call participation, turning in work early, and others) will be put into a weekly drawing for a $20 Amazon Gift Card. The drawings will

◦ Students and parents have access to this platform

• Students ARE REQUIRED to check in with their homeroom teachers at 8:30 AM for attendance and prayer each day Monday-Friday (with Zoom or Google Hangout, per teacher request)

• Students must check emails daily for feedback, comments, and communication with teachers

• Daily Physical Activity is just as important as academic growth. Students are required to perform exercise daily, and the log filled out for P.E. class as part of the student’s grade. This log is accessed in Class Dojo or via SchoolSpeak.

And All Conditions of Previous Policy

• Students are expected to complete assignments through Google Classroom, Achieve 3000, and iXL, or other platforms as assigned.

• Assignments will be posted, and should be completed on time. Some will be due weekly, and some will have various due dates. Google Calendar will show all assignments and their due dates.

• Teacher lesson plans will be available to parents, including weekly assignments and due dates.

• Teachers will be available via email at any time, with an expected response coming no later than 24 hours.

• Per the schedule below, teachers will be available at allotted times via Zoom call, and/or Google Hangout.

◦ Students will be required to use their SVdP account for all services

◦ Zoom allows face-to-face group calls for rapid meetings with students, similar to FaceTime or Skype; invitations will be posted on Google Classroom

◦ Google Hangout allows instant text communication

◦ During the scheduled time, teachers will be available for the entire grade for dedicated time

• For technical assistance with online learning, please contact:

◦ Chromebook or internet access-Mr. Diaz (

◦ iXL, Google Accounts-email, passwords, etc.-Mr. Nosek (

◦ Achieve3000-Mr. Kleinpeter (

◦ Help with computer literacy (checking email, using google classroom, schoolspeak, or class dojo)-Ms. Vigil (

• The schedule below is recommended for all students. We encourage students to follow a schedule to keep their lives organized and regimented. The work can be done at any time, but interactive teacher time will follow the schedule.

• Additional teacher-led instruction time can be scheduled by appointment via email Monday-Friday, 8AM-3PM.